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  • Common Ways Students Avoid Plagiarism Detection

    Caught plagiarizing! Are you stressing over the plagiarism file which you just received in an attachment in an email form your instructor who is really upset with you?  You have been asked for the reason why you created plagiarized content and your professor has warned you that you would be scoring a zero for the high similarity index in your paper. For that you don’t need to worry, ask help from EssayWriter.College.

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    As you read the threatening email, chills run down your body and a feeling of humiliation is beginning to creep in as the last sentence of the email says:

     “You have deliberately violated the plagiarism policy stated in the student manual and strict action could be taken against you for violating a disciplinary action by presenting the information as your own ideas or thoughts”. 

    Plagiarism can have a bad impression on your professors which would ultimately result in bad scoring in your assessments. Plagiarism can have serious consequences for a student as well as an essay writer. Plagiarism usually occurs because students tend to look for shortcuts for their assignments and copy-paste most of the material from the internet. 

    Plagiarism also happens as a result of procrastination because most students waste their time, and as the deadline approaches, they begin to panic, and in the process, they make deliberate attempts to copy-paste from the internet. Many online tools are available which remove plagiarism from a document. However, software such as Turnitin can detect even the slightest amount of similarity in the paper.   

    The following are some guidelines which will help you avoid plagiarism. 

    • Paraphrasing: Learning how to avoid the possible percentage of plagiarism in your document requires constant practice. While you are writing your paper, you can use a number of different techniques to ensure the originality of the paper. 

    One technique could be paraphrasing sentences. Paraphrasing means to write the content using different combinations of vocabulary. 

    You are basically taking ideas from the author and rewriting them in your own words by using your own voice. Paraphrased content can be as lengthy as the original content. As I am about to write my essay, I always try to note the important points which would help me in writing a comprehensive essay.  

    You need to thoroughly go through the paragraph which you are supposed to be rewriting. Try to read as many times as you want to because then you would be able to understand the context of the research paper or the content. You can make note of the keywords or clues which would remind you of the key points of the original content.

    Start writing the content. After you have completed your writing, you can make use of the various tools to detect possible plagiarism. At this point, you need to write what you actually comprehend from the original source. 

    • Comparisons: Make a comparison of your work with the original document. You have to make sure that you don’t miss the essential points stated in the original copy. Never try to incorporate your personal opinion in the textual information. The reason is that it is not the time because it is not a literary review.  
    • Quoting: Another way to prevent plagiarism is to scrutinize if you have used the online tools to detect the similarity index. You also need to see if you know how to quote. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that you are not supposed to be doing it regularly.  Quoting is beneficial if you are unable to use alternate words to replace the text in original content, especially the proper name and the technical terms. 
    • Formatting: You must be able to know various formatting techniques in the citation using certain ideas of a writer. Such citation techniques involve use of the standard formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard and AMA referencing styles. 
    • Online tools: There are a number of online tools available to provide online help for write my paper. Such tools have an easily understandable user interface, and all you need to do is copy paste all the content in it and press the check button. These online tools are the most efficient tools which have been used by most students and researchers. 

    In case you’re a writer attempting to falsify content ownership, one of the most noticeably awful things to submit is a plagiarised work. Be advised that doing so might put your grades and your academic career in jeopardy. 

    You should likewise know that there are intellectual property laws, and you should consent to them on the off chance that you would prefer not to be sued for utilizing somebody’s work without giving them due credit. 

    Plagiarism is a serious offence and it needs to be taken into consideration while writing your paper. But most students often look out for a proficient paper writing service to help avoid plagiarism. However, it is not always advised to use such techniques because it does not help develop the skills of students as well as researchers.  

    To guarantee that you’re on the correct way, you can likewise utilize a free copyright plagiarism detector or any copied content checking tool that will assist you with spotting plagiarised content and some pieces of software can even help you paraphrase similarity instances by giving suggestions. 

    It is always imperative for you to check your work for plagiarism, so that you can guarantee that you will submit an original piece of writing. 

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  • Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Response Paper Correctly

    Have you been sleepless for days because the response paper assigned to you has been traumatizing you for days? Is your deadline approaching and you are still clueless how to write my paper, an effective and comprehensive response paper? Does thinking of a response paper give you goosebumps?

    Are you constantly scoring zero on your response essay because you could not justify it in front of your professor? Then you are at the right place because this blog would help you learn alot about how to write an effective response paper.

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    Pre-Writing Tips for a Response Essay 

    By now you might have understood the definition of a response paper. It’s time to dive into the method to write the response paper effectively. You might be thinking, “how should I write my essay?” or you have even begun to brainstorm about it. Similarly to a writing project, you should begin to review the resources and the content itself.     

    The following steps need to be followed while pre-writing a response essay. 

    • Engage with the Research Content 

    You have to pay full attention to the text. You have to make a list of the remarkable, essential or interesting details. Give it a thought about how you will make connections with all the research content you have encountered before.  

    • Analyze or Brainstorm

    As you have completed your engagement with the text, you need to further proceed with how the text made you feel initially. Then you have to organize the details into a more cohesive and coherent way. 

    • Craft a Thesis

    You have to shrink your ideas into a broad range idea. It will become the thesis statement of your response essay. 

    • Establish an Outline

    This is the time when you are supposed to back your thesis statement by providing supporting arguments. Keep in mind that all the points which you have presented need to be pointing towards elaborating or defending your thesis.   

    When you are about to write essay for me or a response paper, you need to follow steps to create a lasting impression on your reader.

    • Introductory Paragraph

    The introductory paragraph of a response paper is the main idea or theme of the research work which states your response to the theme of your essay.

    •  If you are writing a four to five page document, your introduction should be one or two paragraphs. If the paper is short in length, the introduction needs to be limited from five to six sentences. 
    • You have to introduce the topic in your introduction to justify its relevance to the content you are going to discuss in your response essay.
    • You can also include your own perspectives or views regarding the topic on which you are writing. 
    • Summarize the Work   

    The response paper should not be centralized on the summary of the work. Determining the proper length of the summary is still hard for an essay writer. However, following are some of the tips for determining the length of your essay.

    • If you are writing a five to six page document, your summary should be about two paragraphs in total.
    •  In the summary you should elaborate the content of the research work as well as present the response essay with the main arguments or perspectives of the response paper. 
    • The summary needs to be analytical instead of narrating repetitively. While you are presenting the details of the argument or the author’s work, you should always use an analytical tone. Some students find it hard to write a response paper and a professional essay writing service can help a lot in this regard. You need to mention appropriately how the author has stated those perspectives in a precise manner.  
    • Discuss and Present the Argument  

     At this stage you are supposed to be reacting to the stated topic on the basis of your    

    intellectual level. You can make use of different paragraphs regarding the advantages or   

    disadvantages of a certain strategy. You can also state how you agree or disagree with the 

    author. You can write a lot of paragraphs to state your response. 

    • The aforementioned response format can be used when you are describing a single argument or a theme. This format however is never preferable when you have to explain multiple themes or ideas.
    • Support your analysis with paraphrasing or include quotes. You have to ensure that every example is cited properly. 
    •  If you have taken textual evidence to back your responses at this phase, this is the easiest section of your response paper. You have to organize your argument comprehensively and state the detailed arguments to your position in the paper. 

    Wrap up with your Conclusion

    The last part of a response paper is to write your conclusion in an effective manner. This part includes restating your position.  

    • If paper writer are writing a five to six page paper, a single paragraph to state the details of your argument would be sufficient to state the concluding details. If the paper is short in length, you can limit this paragraph to four or five sentences.
    • You can also describe how the content of the research work has a significant impact on your research topic and the community or genre of which it is going to become a part.  

    Learning by examining examples is a good technique. Examples demonstrate how a response paper ought to show up once they have met the standards. Consider pursuing models like engineering. You study the manner in which something works by separating something to its fundamental parts. Hence, a response paper needs to be divided into these categories to create a comprehensive essay.  

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  • Learn How to Write an Opinion Essay Like a Pro

    An opinion essay is defined as an essay in which students are asked to write about their own opinion regarding a subject. The opinion of the writer is supported by a number of explanations and examples. Before you begin to write an opinion essay, you should first go through the topics, definitions, structure and requirements. Including an example is also important. If you are worried about how to write your opinion essay, you have landed at the right place. 

    Opinion essays incorporate the point of view of a student divided into a number of points. It is supported by explanations and examples. The paper, as most if not all essays, begins with an introductory paragraph.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Structure Your Perfect Essay - TechBullion

    The introductory paragraph includes the reference to a play, book or a speech. It is usually accompanied by a rhetorical question such as “Is Pope Catholic or Protestant?” or something related to that. If you want to know the best way to write an opinion essay, you should read this blog as it will help you in the best possible way. 

    The opinion essay is one of the most challenging essay forms. While writing an opinion essay, students are most bothered about the format of the essay. The best way to write an opinion essay is to write it in a five-paragraph format. Trying to identify what we are supposed to include in every section of the five-paragraph essay is usually difficult for beginners. This is the reason why a paper writing service‘s writer needs to follow the format of an opinion essay while writing as a beginner. It will help you develop your writing skills in the best way possible.

    The Do’s and Don’ts of an Opinion Essay 

    The fundamental do’s of writing an opinion essay is that you need to introduce each paragraph which states the main ideas with the help of a topic sentence. You should never write about the disadvantages or advantages of the points favoring or going against the topic under study. Opinion essays are usually written in a formal way. 

    The fundamentals of an opinion essay include: never use the short form of words, never use emotive vocabulary or colloquial expressions.  

    You have to state explicitly in your opinion if you agree or disagree with the topic. You then have to provide strong reasons to back your claim. The reasoning involves stating the reason why you prefer the alternative point of view when you write my paper.

    Structure for Opinion Essay


    First thing which you are supposed to do is to identify the subject matter. You can further provide the reference from a book, play, poem or speech in your introduction to strengthen it. You can also include the name of the author or date of publication in parentheses.


    A thesis is the crux of the whole essay and includes the problem which has been addressed in the paper along with possible solutions. An opinion essay contains one to two sentences to create a small description. An opinion essay also contains one to two summarizing lines for the entire essay. The thesis statement also links to the subsequent body paragraphs. 

    Body Paragraph 1

    A body paragraph usually provides the supporting arguments for the claims which you have made in your thesis statement in your introductory paragraph. Then you are supposed to include an example along with an explanation of the position which you have taken in your opinion essay. The last line of an opinion essay is the linking sentence to the next body paragraph of the essay. 

    Body Paragraph 2 

    The second body paragraph follows the same pattern, by stating a supporting argument. Then, it backs the argument with an example along with an explanation. The last sentence of the second body paragraph is linked to the next body paragraph in the essay. 

    Body Paragraph 3  

    Then comes the third body paragraph which introduces a new topic sentence backed by strong evidence or supporting details. The first line consists of supporting arguments along with an example. Then the essay states enough explanation for the said example. The last sentence of the third body paragraph is linked back to the concluding paragraph. 

    Concluding Paragraph    

    A conclusion is the entire summary of the essay or the research paper. The conclusion does not have hard and fast rules for it. It can be two to six lines long. Most students who don’t have proficient skills in essay writing prefer to hire a professional essay writing service to help them score good grades. Professional services usually offer efficient service in writing an essay.   

    An opinion essay is a conventional piece of writing which requires your viewpoint on a point. Your viewpoint ought to be expressed plainly. All through the article you will give different contentions/reasons/perspectives on the theme and these will be upheld by proof as well as specific illustrations. You could likewise remember a contradicting perspective for a section. 

    Opinion writing is a type of scholastic paper which requests that students incorporate their considerations with regards to a subject. This is then upheld by a sensible clarification and models, turning out to be more proficient in a practical method to figure out how to compose an opinion paper effectively. 

    Prior to composing anything, it is fundamental to allude to the significant information. That incorporates the definition, subjects, assessment composing models, and necessities. This is the thing that transforms novice writers into master scholars.  

    I hope by now you might have understood the tips and tricks to write an opinion essay. I wish someone would have told me these tips as I was about to write paper for me in my college days.  

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  • Step By Step Guide to Writing an Essay on Film

    What do you think would come to your mind if paper writing service are asked to write about a film analysis? Of course, you will think of watching the movie to make yourself able to write an analysis of the film. Seems easy? Right!!! But when you are done with watching the film, you find yourself in the middle of chaos emerging in your mind. From where to start and what to write. This feeling of being lost is common with everyone who is to write a film analysis.

    What comes to mind and what do you think is the most difficult thing in writing a film analysis? Is it the organization that you are worried about or the process of analyzing it? It can be anything which can make you worry about you expressing the film.

    Hot Product - How to teach essay writing in a fun way – A guide

    No matter what you think, the analysis of a film is easy if you are following the correct way of interpreting it. As an essay writer, you have to focus on every element and perspective that is presented in the film.  

    Here I am presenting you a guide to make you go through your analysis process of writing a film analysis. I will suggest you focus on this guide before you start watching the film; it aids in making you highlight those events and elements in the film which are significant and essential to the analysis.

    The first thing in every essay writing is the introduction. The introduction section of the film analysis contains the necessary and fundamental information about the film such as the film name, its date of release, and the name of the director. This part makes the reader get a clear understanding of what the film is all about; it contains the background information, the themes represented by the film, and brief research about the filmmaker.

    The introduction also reveals why the film was made. Was there any specific reason or motive to produce this genre of film or whatever the reason you find, incorporate it in its introduction? It ends with a thesis statement which is the area of your focus in the analysis.

    After the introduction, there is a summary of the film. The summary includes all the main facts and summarizes them so it gives a clear insight into the depth of the analysis. When you write the summary, what do you think you have to keep in mind? You have to keep the notion that the readers and your professor have not seen the movie; therefore, you have to give them all the important information about the film. The simple thing here is to briefly mention the events of the film and to answer the 5Ws.

    You are familiar with what the 5Ws are: who, when, what, why, where, and sometimes how as well. This strategy is used in the analysis of the story to give a complete concept of the film. When I write my essay, I also focus on the structure, style, and opinion of the film. Whatever you write, you have to support by citing proper examples from the film itself or any quotes from the film.

    After the summary of the film, the most important element in the film analysis is the analysis itself. This is the part of the essay where you critically evaluate the film and support your claims from the movie or any other external sources.

    Any film is an outcome of complex creativity of art that may include certain creative elements interconnected with one another or have reasons for their existence in the essay. This is the reason why watching the film is emphasized for an analyst. You need to pay keen attention to the creative elements presented in the film.


    The scenario is of much significance as any good script will have a flow of events, their sequence, dialogue, and character development are what to be included in the analysis. You need to pay close attention to these scenarios.

    Directing of a film

    This aspect is always handled by the director of the film. You evaluate how the setting took place, the plans, and the tasks of the actors are important. Compare some other films of the director with the one are analyzing to get a better understanding.


    Without commenting on the acting skills of the actors, your analysis would be incomplete. It is a very significant aspect of your film analysis paper. How was the acting of the actors? Was it realistic enough and corresponds well to the story?

    Elements of music

    Any film has musical elements present in it. Music refreshes the mind and soul. It also sets the mood as the movie proceeds with the actions and other scenarios. You need to focus on whether the music was appealing, refreshing to the mind, or whether it was distracting?

    Visual elements

    Filmmakers focus on the elements of vision to a greater extent. It is to show the atmosphere of the film. It includes the costumes, special effects, make-up, and other elements that have a significant impact on the movie.

    The last section in the analysis is the conclusion. Here you restate your thesis statement and provide a summary of the analysis you have so far in the essay. Do not add any extra information that is not a part of the analysis section. State your main points and suggest if you have any.

    After all this, it is also possible that you still feel a need for a more detailed overview of writing the analysis. You can use any essay writing service to have detailed discussions with their experts to aid you in the writing process.

    If you incorporate all these in your essay, you will create an overwhelming piece of film analysis.

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  • A Guide to Paraphrasing in Research Papers

    Don’t have time to write something on a topic by yourself? Why not paraphrase some already written stuff and save your time? As if you haven’t already guessed, paraphrasing is expressing someone else’s ideas in your wording. So, when out of ideas about a certain topic you can easily get yourself running with the help of this simple technique.

    Now, you know what you have to do but the real question is, how you’ll do it. When you are paraphrasing a source, you have to rewrite it without losing the original meaning of the text. So, while paraphrasing something, keep yourself attached to the topic so you don’t go far from it and eventually lose the original idea.

    Professional Essay Writer Service - Grab My Essay Company

    While reading about paraphrasing one might think, “is it somehow related to quoting?”. The answer is, yes, it is. Paraphrasing is an alternative to quoting. When we write someone’s exact words, we put them in quotation marks and call it quoting. But in academic writing, it’s better to paraphrase than to quote because it will show that the writer has understood the source and will make his work original. For example, an essay writer will have to paraphrase different ideas from different sources rather than only quoting different sources, to make his essay complete and original.

    Paraphrasing can sometimes lead to accidental plagiarism. It can happen if the paraphrased text is similar to the source in form of similar phrases and sentences or it can happen when the source of the paraphrased text is not properly cited when write my paper for me. You must keep in mind that plagiarism is unacceptable in any form of writing and must be avoided at all costs.

    Paraphrasing is a skill that you can master (like any other skill) by practicing. However, some tips can help you master the art of paraphrasing.

    1. Read, read, read

    Read the original text carefully and try to understand the main idea. Normally, the human brain takes time to understand things properly. So, read more than once to understand each and every thing properly. Only when you get all the main ideas of the original text will you be able to paraphrase it properly and effectively.

    1. Test your brain

    Now, note down all the important ideas from the text without looking at the original text. This will boost your memory and help you write things according to your understanding. Writing while looking at a source can block any creative activity in writing, so it’s better to write what you understand and not what you read.

    1. Create as your own

    The stuff you read from different sources is not your own. If you are thinking, “I have to write my essay quickly and it must look original”, then you must focus on this tip. You have to rewrite the material in your own words, according to your understanding. But the most important thing is you must not lose the original meaning while rewriting or paraphrasing it. Writing in your words also avoids plagiarism which is unacceptable in any academic writing.

    1. Mirror the text

    Now it’s time to check your text’s originality. If it resembles the original text, it is not original. To check this, simply compare your text with the original text and see if it is similar to the original one in any way. Another important thing is that the paraphrased text must have fewer words than the original text. So, when paraphrasing, use fewer words to present any original idea.

    1. Credit where it’s due

    Writing requires ethics just like any other activity. So, when writing you should keep in mind that it’s unethical to write someone else’s words exactly without mentioning that they belong to someone else. In write my paper, we use quotation marks to show that written words belong to someone else. Therefore, even in paraphrasing when you quote someone’s words as it is, always put them in quotation marks.

    1. Referencing

    You have finally completed your piece. There were ideas from different writers and different texts that you combined and wrote them in your own words. So, it would be important to mention those writers and texts which helped you write your amazing piece. For this purpose, you will have to cite the sources, in the end, to do justice with the original holders of those ideas you put in your writing.

             Following these basic steps can make you fluent in the art of paraphrasing but to be an expert you should know some tricks of paraphrasing. Following are some little things that can help you in paraphrasing and avoiding any kind of plagiarism.

    •         Do not start from the same point from where the original text starts.
    •         Use synonyms of words that are used in the original text.
    •         Change the sentence structure i.e., change active into passive or change position of phrases in a sentence.
    •         Break down compound and complex sentences into simple sentences.

    It is only by focusing on these tips and tricks you can write anything, even those things you know very little about. Most students face problems in writing good essays for exams. They don’t have good ideas about topics so some of them even try to get help from an paper writing service to get some well-structured essays so they can get good scores in exams.

             Paraphrasing can be a solution for such students, as they can get ideas from different texts and sources to produce a brilliant original written piece by practicing these simple tricks. It will help them in obtaining desired high scores in exams as well as nourish them mentally by breaking the writing block and stimulate their creative thinking.

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