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Tips and tricks to determine the essay type based on the given prompts – 2022 Guide

What do you think is the first step to understand the assignment perfectly?

Is it about reading the prompt and doing extended research?

Or can you simply start the assignment by reading the rubric?

These are some of the questions that can come into your mind when you try to start an assignment based on the given prompt and you do not know the right way to start any work. The original problem starts with the prompt as many students and essay writing service do not understand the prompt fully and they work without looking into the major elements of the assignments. Sometimes, you can choose the wrong essay type because of the misunderstanding related to the prompt.

If you are facing this problem, then do not worry because there is always a solution to deal with problems regarding the assignment.

Now, dealing with the prompt correctly can be a bit tricky for you because as students, we do not lay an ear on the prompt more often and focus on the highlighted part only. So, what should be the major consideration for you here?

Know Why Reading a Prompt Is Important.

What do you think is the main reason behind making a detailed and descriptive prompt?

These prompts are created to facilitate the students in creating a personal connection between you and the assigned work because without connecting with the work, you can do your best. It’s like you have related yourself to a movie or novel’s character to understand their point of view and then you can do the character analysis perfectly.

“Putting yourself into your teacher’s thinking process” is the main purpose of creating a prompt. An expert essay writer is always the one, who is the master of interpreting the prompt and chooses essay types and assignment details accordingly. So, if you want to write a good essay, then you need to do the same and only then can you be successful in your writing.

However, if you do not know how to read the prompt effectively and you are confused about deciding the essay prompt, then I am outlining some important points for you to consider. They will help you out for sure.

So, let’s get ready to know some important tips for reading a prompt.

Look for the Key Words

The first step while reading the prompt is to look for the keywords related to the assignment.

Now, how will you know which are the main keywords?

Look for the words such as “descriptive”, “evaluate”, “explain”, “describe” and “explain” as these words help you to frame the text around a specific essay type. Like, the defined word hint towards the “descriptive essay” and words like “evaluate and analyze” can hint towards the critical analysis essay type. So, you have to go for the keywords to understand the prompts effectively.

Figure Out the Purpose of the Paper

Once you are done with figuring out the keywords of the prompt, now what is the next step?

You have to figure out the purpose of the prompt, like whether your assignment requires you to persuade the readers or it is giving you an idea about the compare and contrast essay. If there are two texts and you have to analyze both with respect to theme, then it is a compare and contrast type essay but if you have to read the text concerning theories then, it is a kind of critical analysis text.

So, you have to look into every word to know what words are demanding from you and what your teacher is asking for.

Translate Prompt in your Language

Sometimes it happens that you understand things when you translate them into your own language.

It is very common with the readers because our native language gives us more room for analysis and understanding while the second language can make the understanding difficult.

So, you can translate the prompt into your own words and see what it is asking for. I used this strategy to write my essay and it helped me a lot in clearing my thoughts and concepts. You can do the same for yourself too and you will observe its effectiveness when your grade comes out.

Think about the General Rules of the Prompt

Now that you are done with the important three steps, it’s time to look for general rules.

What is a basic requirement of the assignment?

Is explaining the topic enough or I will have to go for critical analysis?

Which essay type will suit this prompt?

How can I write my paper?

What kind of details should be added to it?

Who will be your audience?

What is the reader expecting from you?

Asking these questions will help you bring clarity about the general rules of the prompt and its requirements too.

Re-Read the Prompt and Ask to Clarify

Even after asking these questions, if you think you are unclear about the things then, it is time to re-read the prompt and ask someone for help. Here, you have two options. First, you can ask your teacher for help or you can go to online paper writing service websites and ask them to help you with the prompt. They can even guide and provide you with writing assistance as well, so you can get a clear idea about the prompt.

So, these are some of the very basic but important tips which can help you to read the prompt effectively but look out for the concepts which you do not understand by looking at the prompt first. With these tips, you can deal perfectly with the prompt and write exactly what your teacher needs.

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