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Write a great book review? tips and tricks- 2022 Guide

Have you ever joined any reading club that publishes book reviews or a club of college essay writer?

Or maybe your teacher has given you the assignment on some specific book?

In both cases, you are required to write a critical review on the target text and for it, you have to read the whole book and analyze its themes and plot. Mostly, readers do not go to buy the book directly, but they look for the reviews first which give the slightest idea about the author and its work and then they move towards making the decision to buy it or not.

Readers are always interested in the opinion that you are outlining about the book and they take it seriously. That’s why writing clubs have taken this as an opportunity and they ask their members to review books and write them down in return for good payment. 

This is a very long process because reading a book is not a joke. You have to invest your time and energy in a 200 plus page fiction or non-fiction book. It is quite a long process and you can not do any shortcuts.

So, in order to write a book review, you first need to know why book reviews are important and why you need to pay attention to them.

Why are Book Reviews Important?

Book reviews are the written opinion about a book and this writing is very critical and opinionated as they are written down from the perspective of the readers that what they think about the book and the author’s contribution to it. 

You can say that book reviews are a kind of reader’s contribution to the author’s work.

Now, when it comes to the importance of book reviews, you can not deny the point that book reviews are basically time-saving writings and they also allow you to know the main things about the book. It saves time with money and readers become happier to invest in books after reading the reviews.

The online websites of an essay writer servicealso get the attention of the readers with catchy and beautifully crafted book reviews samples. So, book reviews can buy your reader’s attention and even money.

It’s like “killing two birds with one stone”.

How to Write an Amazing Book Review?

Now, you know why book reviews are important and it’s time to know how you can write a book review?

Of course, to attract the audience’s attention, you are required to build a strong review and it can be done only through some strategies.

So, folks get ready to learn about writing a good book review with me.

Start with giving information about the book.

“How to start a book review” is the biggest question for the writer.

This part is the most important one because it attracts reader’s attention and makes them adhere to your book review, so you have to be very thoughtful regarding the starting point. An expert essay writer online always starts with a hook before getting into the book’s information and this is what we call an “attention grabber”. Always use an effective, meaningful, and beautifully written line as a hook, and then you can add the book’s information like, who published it? when it was published? Who was the author? What is the main theme? And other small details about the volume and issue etc.

You can read the first pages of the book to get this information.

Describe what the book is about?

Remember, do not give any spoilers about the plot twister, online essay writer.

You need to explain in a couple of lines what the book is about but leave the climax because if readers will know everything about the book, then definitely they are not going to buy it. Just explain small details about the characters, main story, theme, and plot and for the rest of the details, ask readers to buy the book.

Give a critical review of the book

Once the summary is mentioned, you need to discuss the themes critically and if possible, connect them with the contemporary world because readers know about their time and place. If possible, you can add theories here and you can even talk about the reviews of scholars on the book.

It’s your choice how you want to take this critical analysis part but, make this part an appealing factor for the readers.

Discuss what you liked about the book

Now, it’s time to focus on your feelings and thoughts about the book.

        What do you think if this story has contemporary relevance?

        Do characters feel real?

        Has the writer added visual appeal to the text?

        What was your favorite part?

        Did it leave an impact on you?

These questions can help you keep going with this part of the book. When I write my paper, I use an online essay writing service for reference material.

What you disliked about the book

It is not possible that you do not like everything about the book.

There are points where you do not like either character or plot and this is how you make a huge difference in the book review.

        Was the ending satisfactory?

        Was the main character more vocal or suppressive?

        Or could the main character have constructed it effectively?

These questions can tell you what didn’t work for you.

Round up the book review

Here, you have to summarize your thoughts and you can then recommend this book to other readers, friends, and family. It’s up to you how you want to end your book review but make it thoughtful and compelling.

Now that you know what things can be added to the book review, you are ready to write one yourself. You just need to pick a book you like and start reading it. You can do it, folks. 

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